Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter

Minutes November 14, 2013

The Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution met on Thursday, November 14th, 2013 at the Golden Corral.  Members and guest assembled about 5:15 PM and most enjoyed a Dutch Treat Dinner prior to the program.  Members present included: J. Neal Naranjo, President; Fred Preston, Secretary; Harold Newsom, Treasurer; Tom Gann, Sgt. at Arms;  Bill Royle, Thomas Anderson and Martin Netherland, .  Guests included Betty Preston & Vickie Gann.  All told we had 7 members and 2 guests.

Neal opened the meeting about 6 PM by calling on Bill Royle to give the invocation.  Neal then lead the assemblage in the pledge to the American Flag and then the SAR Flag.  Under OLD Business, it was noted that Preston attended a Flag Retirement in Tyler and retired approximately 80 flags from the Lufkin Area.  Neal also talked about awarding a Flag Certificate to Gann Medford Realty, this had been discussed some time ago but was never carried out.  Preston is to order the certificates and a presentation will be made later this year.  At this time Thomas Anderson was called forward and given his membership Certificate, membership information and a rosette..  Richard Rosenberg, another new member, was not present to receive his Certificate.  

Neal Naranjo, President, Thomas Anderson, new member, Fred Preston, Secretary.

At this time Neal started the discussion of electing new officers for the  2014/2016 term.  The slate of officers nominated were as follows:  Tom Gann, president, Richard Rosenberg, VP, Harold Newsom will remain treasurer, Fred Preston will continue as Secretary, Thomas Anderson will be Sgt. at Arms, Bill Royle will be Chaplain and Martin Netherland will be Historian.   The officers will be inducted at the next meeting which has not yet been determined.  

Neal introduced the speaker for the evening who was Tom Gann.   Tom gave a very good talk about Stephen F. Austin and the Austin family, their journeys and accomplishments.  It was very enlightening and well received.  After the talk, Neal and Fred presented a Certificate to Tom for the presentation.  

Neal Naranjo, Tom Gann - Speaker, Fred Preston.

Neal led the assemblage in the SAR Admonition to close the meeting at about 7:50 PM

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