Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter

Minutes November 18, 2010

A meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S.A.R., was held at 7 PM November 18, 2010 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin.  Members and guests started arriving after 6 PM to enjoy a Dutch Treat dinner before the meeting.  Members present were:  Neal Naranjo, President, Bob Ham, 1st VP., Martin Netherland, Mike Everheart, Dist. 10 VP, Jim Bell, Woody Gann and Fred Preston, Secretary.  Guests were June Everheart, Charlene Ham, Betty Preston and Darleen Jones.   In all there were 7 members.and 4 guests.

President Neal Naranjo opened the meeting and called Bob Ham forward to lead the assemblage in the plede to the flags.  After the pledge, Naranjo gave the Invocation.

The only thing mentioned under old business was the two checks that were somehow misplaced.  They have been reissued and mailed to Naranjo.

Naranjo then called Darleen Jones forward.  Darleen Jones and Alton Mericle are EMS personnel in Groveton.  They purchased a vehicle in the 80's and have operated it everysince without pay.  Darleen recounted a story about a man who was shot in Groveton, I believe in a bank.  They didn't have any Emergency Medical Vehicles so they called one from Crockett.  By the time they got the man to the hospital, he died.  It was decided then that they would start their own service.  Alton could not be at the meeting and will be awarded a medal and certifcate at a later date.  Darleen accepted a medal and will receive her Certificate later.  (We were short on medals and certificates).

L to R:Mike Everheart, Dist. 10 VP, Darleen Jones , EMTI, Neal Naranjo, President


Also, under New Business, Neal proposed giving a Flag Certificate to Gann Medford Real Estate.  A motion was then made by Bob Ham and seconded by Jim Bell to present the Flag Certificate.  This will be done sometime in December.

[Old Business should have included the following although it was not mentioned at the meeting.  I enter it here for our future records]  On November 2nd, the Anthony Smith Chapter of the DAR invited a number of veterans to attend their meeting at St. Cyprians Church.  The speaker was Tom Dillard who gave a very patriotic speech honoring veterans.  Our members who attended were Jim Bell, Harold Newsom and Fred Preston..

On November 6, Neal Naranjo, Fred Preston and three men from A. Pineywoods Home Health, participated in the Vetereans Parade in downtown Lufkin.  Fred carried the American Flag, Neal the Betsy Ross Flag, not sure of the drummers name.  Danny Powell, prospective SAR member carried the banner with another man I don't know.  Our unit was just behind the Grand Marshall, however, two units from Livingston and Crockett were in front of the Grand Marshall.

L to R: Fred Preston, unknown, Neal Naranjo, unknown drummer, Danny Powell. Lined up ready to start.

Also, on November 6, Neal Naranjo, the drummer and Fred Preston, participated in the Honor America night festivities at the Lufkin High School Stadium.  One of the first things to occur in this pagent is for members of the armed forces to post their colors.

Neal Naranjo led the procession carrying the Betsy Ross Flag, Fred Preston carried the Coast Guard Flag (in the absence of anyone from the Coast Guard) and others carried the flags of the various branchs of service.

L to R: Drummr, Pres. Neal Naranjo, Fred Preston, others. Picture on front Page of Sunday paper.

As mentioned, the above is just for the record and was not part of the November meeting.

At this point, Neal Naranjo introduced the speaker, Dr. Jennings Neal Naranjo.  Neal was on a dinosaur dig in May this year in Montana.  He has a large section of land leased for this purpose and has visited the site before.  They uncovered I believe 3 different species of dinosaur who apparently lived in the same location at the same time and were herbivorous.  Believe the time was like 20 million years ago.  Some were large, some small, some old and some young.  All will be available for viewing at the Lufkin Dinosaur Museum which should open in late 2011 or early 2012.  Some pictures are included in these minutes (see DINOSAURS).  One thing I found interesting was that dinosaurs had basically the same organs as humans, one stomach, one heart, intestines, lungs etc. just larger.  It was an excellent presentation and it was too bad so few members attended.

Bob Ham led the assemblage in the closing admonition.  Meeting adjourned about 8:40

Fred Preston, Secretary.


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