Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter

Minutes January 26, 2012

A meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S.A.R., was held at 7 PM January 26, 2012 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin.  Members and guests started arriving after 6 PM to enjoy a Dutch Treat dinner before the meeting.  

President Neal Naranjo led the assemblage in the pledge to the American Flag and the SAR Flag   Richard Rosenberg gave the invocation   Then Naranjo talked about Pineywoods Academy expansion and the removal of a flag pole and asked if there was some sort of ceremony for taking down a flag pole.   There was considerable discussion but no action was taken.

Fred Preston, Secretary, came  forward and introduced the guests.  The guests were June Everheart, Richard Rosenberg, Charlene Ham, Betty Preston, Dickie Dixon and Glenn Landry.   Members present were Neal Naranjo, Martin Netherland, Tom Gann, Mike Everheart, Bob Ham and Fred Preston. All told 6 members and 6 guests plus the speaker.

Harold Newsom wasnít present but Neal reported that we hadnít spent any money so we were still in good condition.

No report on the flag stand that Preston is supposed to be getting.   Preston also reported that the web page hosted by the City of Lufkin is giving him a problem and the City is no longer providing support.  Neal suggested that Fred contact Roy Knowland (SP?) at Pineywoods Home Health for assistance.   It was also suggested Roy could get a free web site, otherwise Preston reported it would cost about $200 for 3 years to have the page hosted.

Under old business, Preston gave the 2011 Poster Contest Certificates of Appreciation for Pineywoods Academy students to Neal.

New Business: Neal proposed an award to Kent Henson for Law Enforcement and the Fire Chief, all agreed to the awards.

Preston introduced the speaker, Dyson Nickle.  Dyson is an academic advisor working with Freshman and Sophomores at Stephen F. Austin State University.  Dyson holdsl a MA of History from SFA.   He enjoys studying history and bringing it to life with his 19th Century mounted Cavalry living history group.   Mr. Nickle has published articles in history journals, edited letters from the battlefields of the Civil War for publication and publishes a historical newsletter.   He is Camp Commander of the newly formed Lone Star Defenders Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans, in Lufkin.   He talked about the Civil War and why people fought.  Many people think it was all about slavery but Nickle pointed out that by far the majority of men on both sides were not slave holders.  It was a very good talk and well received as evidenced by the 15-20 minute discussion after the talk.

Dyson Nickle, Camp Commander of the Lone Star Defenders, SCV

L to R: Pres. Neal Naranjo presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to Dyson Nickle for a great presentation on the SCV.

There was considerable discussion following the talk as a number of members expressed a great interest in history, and specifically Sam Houston.   Naranjo led the assemblage in the Closing Admonition around 8:15 PM.

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