Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter

Minutes March 24, 2011

A meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S.A.R., was held at 7 PM March 24, 2011 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin.  Members and guests started arriving after 6 PM to enjoy a Dutch Treat dinner before the meeting.  

President Neal Naranjo opened the meeting and called Bob Ham forward to lead the assemblage in the plede to the flags.  After the pledge, Woody Gann gave the Invocation.

At this time Naranjo introduced the guest.  Members present were:  Neal Naranjo, President, Bob Ham, 1st VP., Woody Gann, Fred Preston, Secretary, Harold Newsom, Treasurer and Jim Bell..  Guests were Charlene Ham, Betty Preston, Charlene Gann, and Genva Newsom.   Other guests included the Poster Contest Winners and family members.  Hayley Newcomb and parents Lisa and Danny Newcomb, sister Lindsey, friend Kimberly Hill, Aunt Barbara Mansky and another friend Gregg Winchell, Joseph Santiago, his mother Josie Santiago and sister Shunelle Santiago, and Shyan Bhakta.  Other guest were Daniel Rogers of the Fredonia Chapter SAR, Merilyn Session, Principal Pineywoods Academy, Lisa Lee, teacher Pineywoods Academy and ElRay Lee...  In all there were 6 members.and 20 guests.

Naranjo called Fred Preston to the front and Certificates and checks were issued to the Poster Contest.  The subject this year was "Battle of Cowpens".   Hayley Newcomb was called forward and presented her Certificate and a check for $25 for first place.




L to R:Bob Ham, J. Neal Naranjo, Hayley Newcomb and Fred Preston

Next, Joseph Santiago was called forward and presented his Certificate and a check for $15 for 2nd place.

L to R:Bob Ham, 1st VP, Neal Naranjo, President, Joseph Santiago and Fred Preston, Secretary.

Then, Shyam Bhakta, was called forward and presented his Certificate and a check for $10 for 3rd place.

L to R:Bob Ham, Neal Naranjo, Shyam Bhakta and Fred Preston

Not sure of the exact number of students participating in the contest this year but it is safe to say it was in excess of 30 students and these posters were close enough that we had to have about 7 members judge the posters to come up with the winner.

At this time, Neal Naranjo talked about the Battle of Cowpens and how both sides claimed victory.  Neal stated that it was the first time the Americans had stood their ground and did consider it a definte victory.  The Battle of Kings Mountain came shortly after Cowpens and it was a definite victory for the Americans.

Naranjo asked if the was any old business and the response was no, however, Naranjo did find the missing check for $340 + and turned it over to Harold Newsom.  Only question is has it been reissued or not.  Another item that should have been brought up but I forgot, was Rev. Joseph Spitler who joined in January this year, died in February.  Joseph left Lufkin shortly after I came to Lufkin so I never knew him but everyone at St Cyprians Church had nothing but good word about him..

At this time, Neal introduced the program for the evening, Dubby Perry, Master Magician.  The kids were all down front while Dubby performed his magic.  He let them check out all of the items so they were sure they were real.  It was a great show and all present enjoyed it.

Skeptic, Shyam Bhakta checks out a ring being used by Dubby.


After the presentation, Naranjo presented Dubby with a Certificate of Appreciation.

L to R: J. Neal Naranjo Dubby Perry

Bob Ham led the assemblage in the closing admonition.  Meeting adjourned about 8:10

Fred Preston, Secretary.


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