Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter

Minutes April 24, 2014

The Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution and the Sons of the Republic of Texas, held a joint meeting on Thursday, April 24th, 2014 at Lufkin BBQ..  Members and guest assembled about 5:45 PM and most enjoyed a Dutch Treat Dinner prior to the program.  SAR members present included:Tom Gann, President, Richard Rosenberg, VP, Fred Preston, Secretary; Harold Newsom, Treasurer; Thomas Anderson, Sgt. at Arms;  Bill Royle, Chaplain,  Martin Netherland, Historian, Woody Gann and J. Neal Naranjo, Past President.  Guests included Betty Preston, Vickie Gann, Charlene Gann, Jessica Mueller and her parents Jennifer and Billie, a sister and her art teacher Lisa Lee..  All told the SAR group had 9 members and 8 guests.  Total attendance was 38.

Members and guests ordered from the menu at 6 PM.  While waiting for the food, Tom recognized Jessica Mueller.  Jessica is 12 years old, a 5th grade student at Pineywoods Academy and she won the SAR Poster Contest for 2013/2014 on Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox..  She not only won the Chapter contest but she placed Third in the State.  Considering that there were about 50 active chapters in 2012 and any 5th grade student is eligible to participate, this was quite an accomplishment. There were 63 participants from Pineywoods Academy alone.   Jessica received $75 from the Chapter, $100 from State, a Third Place Ribbon from State and a Certificate f rom the Chapter.  Any 5th grade teacher interested please contact

Jessica Mueller and Tom Gann

Bill Royle gave the invocation then Tom led the assemblage in the pledge to the American Flag, then the Texas Flag.  Tom Gann then presented the program he called "Hurrah for Texas".   It was about page 7 of the Nacogdoches County U.S. Census of 1850 blended with Adolphus Sterne's diary "Hurrah for Texas" which concentrates on the eight families living on Pillar Street in 1850.  The different personalities and interrelationships of the individuals colored by Sterne's diary gives a wonderful description of the life and times of some of the founders of the Republic of Texas.  At another time even Sam Houston lived on Pillar Street and had a residential property next to Anna Raguet's family.   The talk was well received.  Tom then led the assemblage in the SAR Closing Admonition.

There was no business conducted during the meeting other than recognizing our Poster Contest winner.


Tom Gann's talk "Hurrah for Texas".

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