Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter

Minutes June 25, 2015

A joint meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution and the Sons of the Republic of Texas was held June 25, 2015 at the Lufkin BBQ.  Members and guest assembled about 5:45 PM and most enjoyed a Dutch Treat Dinner prior to the program.  SAR members present included:Tom Gann, President, Fred Preston, Secretary; Harold Newsom, Treasurer; Thomas Anderson, Sgt. at Arms; Bob Ham; J. Neal Naranjo; Ben Pyle; Martin Netherland and Bill Royle, Chaplain.  SRT members were Tom Gann, President,  Jack Irish,  Ernest Rowe, Secretary, and William Royle, Chaplain.

Guests included Betty Preston, Charlene Ham, Ellen Pyle, David Ormsby, Malrey and Jan Pyle, Kent and Ann Richardson, Millicent Irish, Janice Ann Rowe, David Townsend, Kenneth Johnson,Joy Hammack, Joyce McDonald and Glenn Lovett.       There were 9 members of the Lt Nathan Gann Chapter, SAR, 4 members of the Milton Irish Chapter of the Sons of the Republic of Texas (2 are members of both SAR and SRT), and 15 guests, all told 27 were in attendance..

Members and guests ordered from the menu starting at 6 PM.

Tom Gann is currently president of both chapters, SAR and SRT.  Tom called the meeting to order at approximately 6:45 PM.  Bill Royle gave the invocation, and Tom led the group in the pledge to the American Flag and the Texas Flag.

At this time Fred Preston, Secretary SAR, came forward and presented Ben Pyle with his membership certificate and a rosette.

L to R: Fred Preston, Ben Pyle

  Tom then  presented a Past President Pin and Certificate to J. Neal Naranjo.  Neal served as President from March 2010 to December 2013.

L to R:Fred Preston, Neal Naranjo, Tom Gann

Tom then introduced the speaker and newest member of the SAR, Ben Pyle. Ben is a native of Apple Springs, veteran of WWII and Korea, degrees in finance from Univ. of Houston, SMU and Southern Cal. also a Master of Arts in Religion from Liberty Univ.  Ben is currently retired from commercial banking and finance and is leisurely working at farming. 


Ben gave a very good talk about his ancestor, John Pyle, from North Carolina.  It was most interesting because John was originally a 'red coat', loyalist or Torie but toward the end of the war he switched sides and became a 'good guy'. It is estimated that approximately one fifth of Americans remained loyal to Britain.  After hearing the talk it is easy to understand why it took so long for Ben to get approval to join the Sons of the American Revolution.

Tom closed the meeting by leading the group in the closing admonition. at approximately 7:45 PM.  The next SAR meeting is  scheduled for September 24, 2015.

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