July 23, 2009

A meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S.A.R., was held at 7 PM Thursday July 23, 2009 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin.  Members and guests started arriving after 6 PM to enjoy a Dutch Treat dinner before the meeting

President Fred Preston called the meeting to order.  Lester Sparks gave the invocation. Preston then led the assemblage in the pledges to the American Flag and the SAR Flag.

Preston then recognized the guests.  Members present were Tom Gann, Fred Jacobs, Neal Naranjo, Mike Everheart, Harold Newsom, Robert Kurth, Jr., Lester Sparks and Fred Preston.  Guests were Betty Preston, Sam and Mary Griffin, Vicki Gann, June Everheart, Sarah Kurth and Annabel Kurth, Geneva Newsom, Mildred Sparks and Doug Ashburn. There were 8 members and 10 guests.  

There were no corrections to the minutes so they stand approved.

Treasurer Jeff Corbett was not present.  Jeff had reported that the checking account was $2,394.62 and the CD account was $5,472.24.

Under Old Business, Preston reported that the request for a grant from Wal-mart had been turned down and the reason given was that since Wal-mart sponsored a scholarship they didn't want to give money to us for a scholarship, referring to the Eagle Scout award.  Will try again early next year.

Neal Naranjo said he was still working on frames for the Declaration of Independence we plan to place in area schools.

Preston reported that an article had been in the paper about the Eagle Scout competition and that another should run soon.  Mike Everheart said he had a list of Eagles in East Texas and was going to break them out by chapter and let us know which ones were in our area.  Also, Gary McClinton has indicated his son would participate this year.

Preston handed out a sheet showing elected and appointed officers in the club and requested members to write in their name in any position they would like to help out. (These were not collected at the meeting but members could send an email to Preston expressing their interest.)

New Business:  Under new business Preston reported that he, Neal Naranjo and J. Neal Naranjo II had participated in a Flag Retirement ceremony in Tyler on June 13th.  Approx. 300 flags were retired, 40 of which came from Lufkin.  Both Naranjo and Preston were in uniform and participated in posting of the colors at the ceremony.  Keynote speaker was Leo Berman, State Representative. (can see pictures at )

On June 14th, Preston spoke briefly at a Flag Day Ceremony sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary at the City Hall.  At the conclusion, Naranjo led the assemblage in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Again, both Preston and Naranjo were in uniform.  J. Neal II also attended. (see pictures at )

On July 5th, Preston carried the American Flag in the church procession for a patriotic service at St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church.

Poster Contest this year will be "The Battle of Bunker Hill".  Preston will contact Pineywoods Academy and St. Cyprian's.  Would like for some other members to contact other schools.

Bob Ham's application has been approved so he is our newest member.  Buddy Zeagler's supplimental application has also been approved.  Doug Ashburn's father is in the Capt. Wm Baron Chapter in Tyler.  Doug is a Vetenarian at the Southwood Clinic.  There are a number of possible members out there if they would just let us help them get their act together.  These include Danny Powell, Dr. Tom Crowley, Jim Bell, Jack Irish, Sam Griffin, Charles Young, Kevin McKay, Tom Williams of Diboll, Steve Reynolds and Doug Smith.

There being no other new business, Naranjo introduced the speaker, Prof. Daniel Rankin of Angelina College.  Daniel talked about the history of Texas before it became a republic and after.  Primarily about the lives of Thomas Jefferson Rusk and Sam Houston.  As usual, Daniel kept everyone awake with a fine presentation.

Prof. Daniel Rankin making a point during presentation on Thomas Jefferson Rusk.

Naranjo then thanked Daniel for his fine talk and presented Daniel with a Certificate of Appreciation.

L to R: Neal Naranjo, Prof. Daniel Rankin and Fred Preston. Presenting Daniel with a Certificate of Appreciation for his talk.

At this time Mike Everheart talked about a grave marking ceremony to be held in late September.  He will provide more detail in an email.  Also, suggested that the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter and the Fredonia Chapter put an SAR marker on the grave of William Sparks, Lester Sparks ancestor, in the Old North Cemetery in Nacogdoches.  Lester place a marker there in the early 90's but no SAR marker.  This ceremony will probably take place in September.

Mike Everheart, Dist. 10 VP, then came forward and presented Betty Preston with a Martha Washington medal and certificate for putting up with and supporting chapter president Fred Preston for the past 6 years.

Mike Everheart presented Betty Preston with a Martha Washington medal and certificate for her support of chapter president, Fred Preston, for the past 6 years.

Preston then led the assemblage in the closing Admonition and the meeting was adjourned about 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Fred Preston


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