September 20, 2007

A meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S. A. R., was held at 7 PM Thursday,   September 20, 2007 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin, Texas. Members and guests arrived after 6 PM to eat prior to the meeting.

President Fred Preston called the meeting to order and asked Chaplain Lester Sparks   to give the invocation.  Neal Naranjo then led the assemblage in the pledges to the American Flag and the SAR Flag.

Members present were:  Fred Preston, Neal Naranjo, Tom Gann, Woody Gann, Mike Everheart, Gary McClinton, Martin Netherland and Lester Sparks. . Preston introduced the guests which included Betty Preston, Vicki Gann, Mildred Sparks *, June Everheart, Brian Davis, Daniel McClinton (Gary's son) Johnny Weismuller and Sam and Mary Griffin.   In all there were 8 members and 9 guests. (* denotes DAR)

Neal Naranjo made a motion to accept the minutes and Tom Gann seconded, motion carried.

Jeff was not present so there was no treasurer's report.  Our CD did mature in July and I believe Jeff pulled out about $1,500 for the checking account.


Still need to get autobiographies written and submitted.  Have about 6 but need one from everyone.  Give detail but keep it less than one full printed page.   Birth place, schools attended, places lived, work places and positions, military service, something about your ancestor, hobbies and interests.

Handouts are available for members if they don't already have them.  These include a list of officers, a complete list of our membership and 5 or 6 of the autobiographies.   They will be available to any member who wants one after the meeting.

At this time Preston read about Lester Sparks military service.  Lester was drafted in 1942 and served on Guam helping to build an airforce base.  Later sailed to Okinawa where troops were gathering for the invasion of Japan.  The atomic bomb was dropped in August 1945 and there was no longer any need for an invasion.  Preston presented Lester with a War Service medal and WWII bar.  To be eligible for the medal, the member must have served during time of war and been in a combat zone.   Only two of our 34 members are eligible for the War Service Medal.  (Picture was no good, will take again in November)

Preston told the members we are starting to collect worn out flags for a flag retirement ceremony.  Get the word out.  Either Neal or myself can be contacted and we would be glad to pick up the flag.


There was a meeting at the Fredonia Hotel on 8/22/07 to make arrangements for the March 2009 annual state meeting.  Charles Luna, pres. of the Athens Chapter, Jim Robertson also from Athens, Harry Fife Texas Society Secretary, Mike Everheart, Tommy Slay and Fred Preston attended.  Tommy Slay will be the new Nacogdoches chapter president.   The Athens Chapter will be the host chapter.  The hotel is providing all meeting rooms free of charge and several complimentary suites.  They are making it very easy.  (Didn't bring this up at meeting but we may be asked to commit to this venture - which means if it is a bust we could lose some money, if it is a money maker - and everyone thinks it will be - we could share some part of the profits.)

Preston talking about Rumbaugh Oration Contest.

Fred Preston has been asked to be the Regional Chair for the Rumbaugh Oration contest.   There are 8 or 9 chapters in Region 5.  If more than one chapter has a Rumbaugh contestant, it would be our job to have a run off which would take place in January.  The contest requires a speech of no less than 5 minutes, no more than 6 minutes, on an event, person or document related to the Revolutionary period and show a relationship to America today.  Talk must be timed, judged on accuracy of content, delivery and how well the talk relates to the printed talk given to the judges.   Would be good to have at least 3 people and they must be chapter members.  I believe David Adams, Tom Gann, Neal Naranjo and myself are committed at this time.   The more the merrier.  If anyone wants to talk to a local high school about entering the contest, let me know and I'll give you the rules and guidelines.

Poster Contest - I have talked to the Principal at St Cyprians Episcopal school, the 5th grade teacher - Mrs. Clark - at Pineywoods Academy and left information for the Principal at Harmony Hill Baptist School.  Will follow up probably late October.   Gary McClinton took an application for a school in Nacogdoches.

Eagle Scout Scholarship - Johnny Weismuller was in attendance.  Johnny is the District Chair for East Texas Scouts.  He was given a number of pamphlets to pass out among the various troops.

Johnny Weismuller, District Chair for East Texas Scouts.

Fred talked about Barney Franklin's passing in July this year.  Barney has been a member of the chapter for many years but has been in Atlanta Georgia for probably 30 years or more.  Barney was associated with Coca Cola in Lufkin.

There will be a Genealogical Seminar October 12 in Burnet, Texas.  Emily Croom has some interesting topics:  Using probate records in genealogy ; Gooly Girl and Fryed Ham: Building Your Case, A Genealogist's Toolkit; Sifting Through the Ashes; Research in Burned Counties and The Other Half of the Story, researching female ancestors.

Naranjo talked about Honor America Night to be on Friday November 9th at the High School stadium and that we will attend in uniform.  Asked for a motion to purchase two flag carrying belts and a cotton Betsy Ross flag.  Woody made the motion and Gary McClinton seconded. Carried.  Cost will be approximately $100.

Naranjo also asked for some money to purchase Bill of Rights, Constitution and or Declaration of Independence documents and frames.  Plan is to present these to local area schools a few at a time.  I believe the request was for $150 to get this started.

Naranjo introducing Morris Weeks.

At this time, Naranjo introduced the speaker for the evening, Morris Weeks.   Morris is a welding engineer but also an authority on Indians and ancient civilizations.  He will teach a class at Lamar this October on civilization 10,000 years ago on the Gulf Coast and up until contact with Europeans.   He has a very large collection of arrow heads, beads, tools and weapons used by Indians in Colonial times and before.   He came here from Beaumont and many of our members were not present. Morris had a lot of interesting history and made a very good presentation.

Morris Weeks and some of his collection.

Some weapons displayed.

Preston led the assemblage in the Closing Admonition and asked for a motion to adjourn.   Meeting was concluded about 8:20 PM.  Next meeting November 15.  Possibly on weapons of the Revolutionary Period.

Respectfully submitted, Fred Preston