September 21, 2006

A meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S. A. R., was held at 7 PM Thursday, September 21, 2006 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin, Texas. Members and guests arrived after 6 PM to eat prior to the meeting.

Members attending were: Fred Preston, Fred Hutson, Neal Naranjo, David Larned, David Adams, Jeff Corbett, Ed Shelton, Gary McClinton, Martin Netherland and Fred Jacobs. Guests were introduced which included  Betty Preston, Honora Jacobs, Jasper Lee, Agnes Hutson, Sam and Mary Griffin,  Nelda and Harry Taylor, Carman Larned, Scott and Brianna Larned, Ben and Ellen Pyle, Charlie and Nancy Hamilton, Joe Martin, Bryan Davis and Matthew McClinton.  In total there were 10 members and 18 guests.

President Fred Preston called the meeting to order and Sam Griffin gave the invocation. Fred Preston led the assemblage in the pledge to the U.S. Flag and the SAR Flag all standing and in unison.

Fred Jacobs made a motion to accept the minutes as mailed out and posted on the web page, Ed Shelton seconded. Motion carried.

Before getting into the business part of the meeting, Preston said we need to keep the following members and guests in our prayers: Ed Shelton, Thornton Savage and Elizabeth Savage, Ben Pyle and Honora Jacobs.

There was no old business.

New Business: 

Poster Contest - President Preston reported that he had contacted Pineywoods Academy who has 20 5th grade students this year and St. Cyprians with 16 5th grade students.   These schools will participate.  Anyone who wants to contact other schools in Lufkin or Nacogdoches let me know and I'll give them the information.

Eagle Scout Scholarship and Recognition:  Jeffrey Jones in Tyler usually give me a list of eligible Eagles but this year he says they have already been contacted so we just wait.  Preston said he was afraid we wouldn't have any entries this year.

It was reported that there has been a lot of interest by state officers in the ROTC awards.  We haven't done anything.  Preston will look into contacting SFA.

A Scrap Book was available for members to check out.

New Members:  President Preston called Gary McClinton to come forward and get his certificate, card and pIn.  Gary is a doctor from Nacogdoches and was approved as a member on July 27th.   Then Martin Netherland was called forward to receive his certificate and pin.  Martin is from Nacogdoches and he to was approved July 27th.    Thornton Savage who has transferred his membership from the Fredonia Chapter to our chapter could not be present.

Dr. Gary McClinton receiving his SAR Membership Certificate.

Martin Netherland receiving his SAR Membership Certificate.

Preston also reported that Ray Spivey's application has been forwarded to National and also Buddy Zeagler's application has been sent to National.  Jasper Lee is close but not quite ready to go to national.  We currently have 30 members.  A list of members was passed out to all the members present.

Vice President:  Ed Shelton has been having health problems and has agreed to relinquish his position as Vice President.  J. Neal Naranjo has volunteered to be VP.   Preston asked if anyone else wanted the job.  No volunteers.  A motion was made by Fred Jacobs to make Naranjo the VP and seconded by David Adams.  Motion carried..  Preston pointed out that we have elections in January anyway.

Jeff Corbett gave the  treasurers report. Money Market Acct. $6817.17 and checking as of 4/10/06 $139.72.

At this time Preston introduced the speaker, Joe Martin.  Joe graduated from Dallas Sunset High School in 1972, in 1976 he graduated from Louisiana Tech Univ. with a BS in Business Administration.  In 1979 graduated from Univ. of Texas School of Law.   1979-81 he was Staff Attorney, Temple-Eastex Inc., 1981-1986 Assistian Angelina Co. Attorney, 1987-98 Judge, Angelina Co. Court at Law No. One, 1999 to present Solo general practice of law, specializing in family law, criminal defense and probate law.  He is married to Carol Hampton Martin since 1974 and has three childrenn, Joseph, Jenny and Amy.   Joe has been a lifelong civil war buff and has participated in reenactments in Texas and across the south to Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  His talk was about Company M of Trinity Co that marched out of Trinity Co. 125 strong and at the end of the war there were only 16 survivors.  The talk was about the life of the men and some of their adventures when not actually engaged in fighting.

Speaker Joe Martin.

Ben Pyle had a book about much of the subject which he said was available for sale at $30.

At this time Preston called upon Neal Naranjo who talked briefly about the Pineywoods Cultural Committee.  The Committee is trying to locate citizens who are 80 years old or older and who were born and raised in Lufkin.  The object is to record as much history as possible before it is lost.

Preston then reminded everyone of the November 16th meeting when Tom Green, President of the Texas Society of SAR, will be the speaker and will display 35 flags of the United States.  Meeting will be in the same room at the Golden Corral.

At this time Preston led the assemblage in the Closing Admonition and the meeting was adjourned.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:15 PM.  

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Preston, President