LUFKIN, TEXAS 75902-6701

August 26, 2004

A special business meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S.A.R., was held at 6:30 P.M. Thursday, August 26, 2004 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin, Texas.

Members attending were:  Fred Jacobs, Tom H. Gann, Fred Preston, Lester Sparks, Ed Shelton, Jeff Corbett and David Adams.

Guests attending were: Betty Preston, Mildred Sparks and Honora Jacobs.

President Fred Preston called the meeting to order.  Chaplain Lester Sparks gave the invocation.  Fred Preston led the assemblage in the pledge to the American Flag and repeated the pledge to the SAR Flag.

Ed Shelton does not have anything firm for the November meeting. List of possible speakers included Gen. Whittdon, Vardaman Johnson, Gerry Benson, Gerald Goodwin, Paul White and a joint DAR/CAR meeting. 

The first item of business was to discuss the formation of a Ladies Auxiliary. There were only three ladies present. President Preston passed out copies of the article found in the Spring SAR Magazine on Page 21 and briefly told the purpose of this group. There was little interest but it was decided to shelve this discussion until the January Meeting.

Poster Contest was discussed at this time and then again later in the meeting after Jeff Corbett arrived. President Preston discussed the problems associated with judging the posters. Jeff Corbett reported that Hudson had approx. 155 5th grade students, St. Cyprians has about 15. It was decided to have the schools judge their own posters and submit the top 20% to the Chapter. That will be 3 from St. Cyprians and about 30 from Hudson. These are not to be ranked in any way. The SAR members or some appointed panel will judge these 33 posters and pick a 1st , 2nd, and 3rd place winner. The posters are to be submitted to the Chapter no later than January 31, 2005. (We will probably have to have a special meeting for the purpose of judging posters – need to discuss this further.) The 1st place poster will then be taken or sent to the Convention in New Braunfels. It was pointed out that Sam Whitten, Dist. 10 VP will attend our Sept meeting and we can ask questions about the Poster Contest then.

A motion was made by David Adams to award prizes with a monetary value of $75, $50 and $25. This is to be face value and the prize would be in the form of bonds. I believe the $75 would buy 3 - $50 bonds. This was seconded by Tom Gann and approved by majority vote. Blank certificates will be presented to the 3 place winners and other certificates will be presented to each participant (or each of the 33 ???)   (It should be noted that this is much more than prizes awarded by the Dallas Chapter)

Preston showed names of potential new members and asked members who knew any of them to talk to them about joining. Jeff Corbett and Ed Shelton both indicated they knew Dr. David Handley. Fred Jacobs knew Charlie Hamilton. Joe Martin has expressed an interest and has application papers. Ed Shelton agreed to contact Sam Griffin, Sr. and help him with his application. Others mentioned were Ralph Bradbury (Ed Shelton knows him also.), John Downey, Jim Netherland, Darrell Durham and Wilton Killam.

Awards. President Preston encouraged members to be thinking about deserving law enforcement, fire fighters, people who have exhibited outstanding heroism or just an outstanding citizen. We need to make some awards but need deserving recipients.

Tom Gann agreed to be our official photographer and as such will bring a camera to each meeting, just in case.

David Adams reported that there was a CAR Chapter in Lufkin, Col. Elijah Isaacks Society which was formed in about 1976 by Mrs. Jordan. It is currently inactive.

DAR. Preston reported that he made a website for the Anthony Smith Chapter of DAR and that their Regent, LaNell Johnson, had given him names of several possible members and some speakers. Mildred Sparks told Preston that there was another DAR Chapter that had been formed by members who could not meet during the day time. It is the Joseph Nelson Chapter of Diboll. Both Mildred Sparks and Sue Roberts are members of this chapter. If we were going to have a joint meeting it should be with this chapter, not the Anthony Smith Chapter.

We discussed the web page and Tom Gann suggested that we could show the web page during a meeting using wireless internet. This could be a major part of a future meeting. President Preston pointed out that there was considerable educational material on the web pages and in the links provided. The page is at The Anthony Smith DAR chapter is

President Preston reported that he had obtained a free 3’ x 5’ US Flag from Jim Turner’s office. He asked for a motion to purchase a SAR flag, two poles and two stands. Estimated cost between $200 and $225. The US flag is nylon all weather. Discussed whether to get the SAR Flag with fringes or the nylon one. Probably will get the nylon flag. Motion was made by Tom Gann, seconded by Fred Jacobs and carried.

Preston also submitted a bill to Jeff Corbett for 500 SAR Envelopes, some blank certificates, a pin and a Secretaries Helper CD and postage for the April and May meetings plus the questionaire and miscellaneous postage. Total $171.11.

Talked briefly about the Nacogdoches Chapter, Fredonia Chapter, and about some of our inactive members, Ronnie Hall, Roy Kurth and John Williams.

Preston also indicated that he was working on putting together a Chapter History. Has found that it was chartered in 1974. The history will be shown on the web page and will gradually be pieced together, corrected and finalized.

There was no further business. The closing Admonition was repeated, all standing and in unison. Meeting was adjourned shortly after 8 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tom H. Gann, Secretary
Fred Preston, President