LUFKIN, TEXAS 75902-6701


January 27th, 2005


A meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S. A. R., was held at 7 PM Thursday, January 27th, 2005 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin, Texas. Members and guests arrived after 6 PM to eat prior to the meeting.

Prior to the meeting Preston passed out member rosettes to Fred Hutson, Vance Roberts and Tom Gann.

Members attending were: Fred Jacobs, Tom H. Gann, Fred Preston, Lester Sparks, Jeff Corbett, Woody Gann, Ed Shelton, Vance Roberts and Fred Hutson. Members then introduced their guests which  were Mary and Sam Griffin, Stella Frances Naranjo, Vicki Gann, Honora Jacobs, Fred C. Jacobs, Mildred Sparks, Betty Preston, Agnes Hutson, Sue Roberts, Kent and Ann (Pyle) Richardson, Lyndel and Beek Rollins from Helmic, Mike Cotton, Woody Peavy and Tina Peavy, the speaker Ben Pyle and his wife Ellen, James Carlin our Eagle Scout winner, Dr. Brian Carlin, Virginia Carlin and sisters Margaret, Catherine and Colleen.

We had 34 members and guests in attendance.

President Fred Preston called the meeting to order. Chaplain Lester Sparks gave the invocation. Ed Shelton led the assemblage in the pledge to the U.S. Flag and the SAR Flag all standing and in unison.

Preston asked for a motion to accept the November minutes.  Fred Jacobs made the motion and Woody Gann seconded.  The motion carried.

Treasurer, Jeff Corbett, gave a report. We have $851.78 in the checking account as of the 11th of January and $6,564.20 in our CD account as of the 7th of January.

Under old business, Preston reported that the St Cypians school had submitted their three top posters.  Jeff had not had a chance to check on Hudson but earlier he indicated that only the 5th grade students taking Art would participate so the number will be much lower than the 155 figure previously mentioned.  They are to be in by February 15th. A special meeting of Jeff, David Adams and Fred Preston will be held between 2/15 and 2/22 to pick the three best posters.

Under New Business, Preston reported that we had received a submission for the Knight Essay Contest from Mediha Ahmad.  She will be invited to attend the March meeting along with her parents, Dr. Ahmad and wife.  Of course we will also have the Poster Contest winners and their parents also.

At this time, President Preston read from James Carlin's application for the Eagle Scout Scholarship and Recognition program.  James appears to have an outstanding career in the Scouts and will be a good applicant to represent our chapter in the State Competition.  James also has a grandmother who is/was a member of the DAR so he might join our group one of these days.  He is also young enough to compete again in 2005/06. James was called to the front to receive his certificate, medal, patch and check for $100.  Pictures were taken with James, Mike Cotton - troop leader for troop 518 sponsored by Kiwanis and Tina Peavy - Boy Scout District Chair in 2003 and 2004.

L to R,James Carlin, Fred Preston-President, Tina Peavy-Boy Scout District Chair, Mike Cotton-Troop 518 Scout Leader also shown Fred Jacobs, member

James then read his Essay on the Battle of Cowpens.  James received a round of applause for a good presentation.

James Carlin presenting Essay
James Carlin, Eagle Scout winner of Chapter Scholarship program, presenting his Essay on the Battle of Cowpens.  Ed Shelton, VP. seated at left.

Fred Preston then introduced the speaker for the evening, Ben Pyle.  Known to many as the President of the Angelina Genealogy Society, a native of Apple Springs, veteran of WWII and Korea, degrees in finance from Univ. of Houston, SMU and Southern Cal. also a Master of Arts in Religion form Liberty Univ.  Ben is currently retired from commercial banking and finance and is leisurely working at farming.  His subject was "Pyle's Massacre in 1781".  Seems his ancestor was a Loyalist whose army was defeated but later Pyle joined with George Washington to help defeat the British.

Ben Pyle, Speaker, presenting the story of 'Pyle's Massacre' in 1781.

Preston reminded the assemblage of the March meeting.  Tentatively the speaker will be Gerald Goodwin and we will recognize Mediha Ahmad and the 5th grade poster contest winners.

Preston led the assemblage in the SAR Closing Admonition, all standing and in unison.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


President Fred Preston