LUFKIN, TEXAS 75902-6701

September 16, 2004

President Preston called the meeting to order shortly after 7 PM.
In the absence of Chaplain Sparks, Fred Jacobs gave the invocation.
President Preston led the assemblage in the pledge to the US Flag and then he recited the pledge to the SAR Flag.
Members present were: Woody Gann, Tom Gann, Fred Jacobs, Ed Shelton and Fred Preston. Guests were Honora Jacobs, Jane Shelton, Betty Preston, Sam and Mary Griffin, Charlie Hamilton and Sam Whitten, Dist. 10, VP of TXSSAR. Woody Gann made a motion to accept the minutes and Fred Jacobs seconded, motion was carried.

There was no treasury report since our treasurer was not present.

At this time President Preston called Woody Gann to the head table.

Sam Whitten, TXSSAR District 10 Vice President, awarding Woody Gann a Past President Certificate and Pin. Woody was President from 1992 to 1994 and again from 1999 to 2003. In the background from left to right are Betty Preston, Charlie Hamilton (guest) and Honora Jacobs.

Under Old Business, president Preston reported that we have the US flag and stand (which was displayed at this meeting.) but that the SAR Flag had been back ordered. He also reported that he had contacted Cindy Morris about a web page for the Joseph Nelson Chapter but Cindy had to bring it before the chapter.

In the search for new members, Jane Shelton said she had contacted David Handley and he was out of town but was interested. Preston reported that Bill Jacobs will be reinstated and should be at our November meeting. Charlie Hamilton who was a guest may also work on his papers to join. Rolfe Bradbury and Jim Netherland apparently are not interested. Joe Martin is somewhat interested. Preston also tried to contact Neal Naranjo, who is either a charter member or the son of a charter member. John M. Williams is a member of our chapter but cannot be located.

Under New Business, Preston reported there will be a grave marking ceremony in Montgomery Texas for a Zachariah Landrum. Anyone interested should contact him.
Also, reported that minutes will be sent as a link in the email or an email attachment in the future. If you find anything wrong, please contact Preston ASAP via email.

Briefly mentioned the Eagle Scout Recognition and Essay Program but didn't feel there was enough time. (Sam Whitten indicated there was plenty of time for us to do it and there are an estimated 10 Eagle Scouts that would be eligible in this area.)

At this time President Preston introduced Sam Whitten, District 10 Vice President and State Chairman for the Poster Contest. Sam talked briefly about the Poster Contest and at some length about awards for Fire Safety, Law Enforcement and Heroism. He indicated such awards were easy and we could and should get good publicity. This is the way the Athens Chapter gets the word out about their chapter and they get about 4 new members each year mostly as a result of such publicity.

President Preston thanked Sam and then introduced the speaker, Wilton Killam. Wilton has a number of degrees including a BS in Geology, Masters in Geography from Univ. of Texas, and a Masters in Psychology from SFA. He served as Dean of Students at Angelina College for 26 years. Has been active in many civic and church organizations. The talk was about 'The Revolutionary War in the South' and was primarily from a book 'The Hornet's Nest' by Jimmy Carter. It was a very informative talk and everyone enjoyed it.

President Preston thanked Wilton and everyone for attending. Then all standing and in unison, the assemblage recited the SAR Admonition.

Preston requested everyone put their name tags in the box by the door as they leave and the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,

Tom H. Gann, Secretary
Fred Preston, President