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News Letter
August 2008

We need good attendance at the September 18th meeting and I want members to participate in some questions that will need to be answered.

First of all, every one should have received the Constitution and By Laws either by email or by mail. Most of this is very generic and doesn't make much difference. The biggest question will be the term of office for the president. Should it be 2 years, re-electable for another 2 years then out, OR, should it be 3 years, re-electable for another 3 years then out ??? The way the By Laws are written right now it states 3 years. However, we need to address that question before voting to accept the Constitution and By Laws as written.

Another question that I know there is some disagreement on is what should our monetary awards be, particularly for the Eagle Scout award. We didn't have a contestant last year and I was told that they wouldn't do it for $100. The requirements are to fill out a detailed application, a four-generation ancestry chart and a 500-word essay. Harry Fife indicated we should increase the amount to $400 or $500 for first place and perhaps $150 for second place. In talking to Neal he thinks we should stay at $100 or just slightly more. If an Eagle does not have a genealogy merit badge, getting his four-generation chart could be difficult and time consuming. Eagles feel they can get the $100 much easier in other ways, i.e., cut someone's grass maybe twice.

I have submitted a Grant Request to Wal-Mart for $2000. If we are lucky we might get $1000 in about 4 or 5 months.

We should get some new members this year but things are moving slowly. Bob Inselmann's application is the only one showing as received by National as of this writing. (If you go to the NSAR web page,, under For Members, look at Application Status.) Aubrey Allen Gann's application should be at National. Others who should make it by the end of the year are Neal Naranjo II, Burl Ivy and Harry Taylor III. Joe Allport will be approved but not sure what he will do. He plans to join the Fredonia Chapter but may be a dual member. Apparently, for any of us to belong to more than one chapter, it costs an additional $9.50 a year. By the way, the Fredonia Chapter meets at the Fredonia Hotel on the 2nd Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November. 6 PM in the Nacogdoches Club.

We need to get busy and start thinking about schools to participate in the Poster Contest, St Cyprians, Pineywoods Academy, Harmony Hill Baptist, others ? Subject this year is "Paul Revere's Ride". We are planning to do the History Teacher award this year and are looking for a deserving law enforcement person and fire fighter. There is also an award for EMS personnel. We may need to start meeting in July to keep up with all the possible awards. Speaking of awards, I would like for the following members to make a special attempt to attend the September meeting -- Lester Sparks, Tom Gann, Woody Gann, Fred Hutson, David Adams, Vance Roberts and Fred Jacobs.

Fred Preston, President



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