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The Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter is in the process of forming a Color Guard.  Thus far two members are active, President Fred Preston and Vice President J. Neal Naranjo.  They have participated in the Veterans Day Parade in 2007 and 2008, Honor America Night in 2007 and 2008 and the Lufkin Christmas Parade in 2008.  They have also appeared at Pineywoods Academy for a flag retirement ceremony and also for an awards presentation.  Preston also participated in a July 4th Church ceremony, carrying the American Flag in the Church procession.

Hopefully, more members will obtain uniforms and participate.  This is a very good way of showing our patriotism and advertising our chapter.

If you are interested contact Darlene Neuhaus in Fort Worth. 

Members are encouraged to get the uniform that would have been worn by their ancestor. The uniform worn by both Neal and Fred represents the uniform worn in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  If you think you may eventually obtain a flint lock rifle and want to fire the gun, get a wool uniform, otherwise get polyester.  Both Neal and Fred have polyester.  Cost of the complete uniform including hat, shoe buckles, stockings etc. is approximately $500.  The shoe buckles and stockings can be ordered from Jas Townsend & Son, Inc.

L to R: Back- Fred Preston, Neal Naranjo, Harold Newsom and Lariena Nichols.
Front Row: L to R: Charlot Weeks and Debbie Newsom
Downtown Lufkin, TX Nov. 8, 2008 Veterans Parade. Lead Unit.

For more pictures of the Color Guard and Chapter Activities click HERE.


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