Abstracts of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter Meetings

January 2004 - First meeting with Fred Preston as President taking over from Woody Gann. Speaker - David Larned who talked about his ancestor.

April 2004 - Speaker, Ed Shelton who talked about his ancestor.

May 2004 - Met at the Library and presented a check to Cindy McMullen

August 2004 - Special Business meeting.

September 2004 - District 10 VP, Sam Whitten presented Woody with past president pin and certificate. Woody was president from 1992-94 and 1999 to 2003. Speaker, Wilton Killam talked about the Revolutionary War in the South.

November 2004 - Speaker, retired Lt. General Oren 'Cotton' Whiddon.

January 2005 - presented James Carlin with Eagle Scout Certificate and check. Speaker, Ben Pyle talked about 'Pyle's Massacre in 1781'.

March 2005 - David Adams presented with Past President pin and cert.  David was president from 1986-1991 and from 1995-1996.  Poster Contest winners.  Speaker Gerald Goodwin.

May 2005 - Knight Essay contest winner Mediha Ahmad read her Essay.  Speaker, Joseph Devine, History prof from SFA.

September 2005 - Speaker,  Dr. Jennings Neal Naranjo who is one of top 5 authorities (world wide) on United States Currency talked about money.  Neal was a charter member but let membership expire many years ago. Reinstated in January 2005.

November 2005 - Speaker Judge Paul White, talked about the constitution.

January 2006 - Presented Law Enforcement medal to Chris Harrison. Speaker Trent Squyres, talked about shootout in Homer and vilolence during and after Civil War.

March 2006 - Group Picture of members present.  Presented Poster Contest winners and Eagle Scout winners. Entertained by VIP's, a quartet that included Daniel Perry, a Eagle Scout co-winner.

May 2006 - Certificates to Pineywoods Academy an St. Cyprians for Poster Contest. Joe Deason presented with Silver Good Citizenship Medal.  Joe was also the speaker and talked about history of Education in Angelina County.

September 2006 - Gary McClinton joined chapter, as did Martin Netherland.  Speaker Joe Martin tallked about Company M out of Trinity County in Civil War.

November 2006 - 31 present. Fred Jacobs presented with Flag Certificate. Speaker was Tom Green, TXSSAR Pres, who displayed 35 full size flags and talked about each.

January 2007 - 20 present. New members were Jerry Coffman, John Windham, Ray Spivey and Buddy Zeagler.  Naranjo had on partial Revolutionary uniform. Speaker was Art Hall of Athens, talked about the Revolutionary War in the South.

March2007 - 40 present. Jasper Lee new member.Preston and Naranjo in Continental Army uniforms. Preston dark glasses, cataract surgury. Presented Poster Contest winners. Speaker George West, TXSSAR Pres., talked about everyone knowing as much as possible about their ancestors.  Mike Everheart presented Flag Ribbon to chapter.

May 2007 - 25 present. Speaker Tom Gann on History of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter.  Eagle Scout winner Kenneth Weismuller presented with an award..   Harold Newsom new member and Mike Everheart is dual member, now 36 members.

September 2007 - Started collecting flags for retirement. Preston became Regional Chair for Dist 5 in Rumbaugh Oration Contest.  Speaker Morris Weeks talked about Indian Civilization on Gulf coast 10,000 years ago.

November 2007 - 23 present.  Lester Sparks given medal for WWII service, Vance Roberts medal for Korean War Service. Picture of J. Neal II, Naranjo and Preston in uniform at Honor America Night in Lufkin. Speaker Morris Weeks, in Civil War Uniform talked about weapons and other items soldiers used in Civil War.

January 2008 - Harold Newsom inducted.  Speaker J. Neal Naranjo on Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary Period. (16 present)

March 2008 - Naranjo purchased 15 copies of Declaration of Independence, to get frames. Presented Poster Contest winners.  Entertained by Dubby Perry. (36 present)

May 2008 - Speaker Harry Fife, Jr., TXSSAR Pres., talked about fund raisers and spending it on youth projects. (23 present).

September 2008 - Set awards for Eagle Scouts & Poster Contest Winners.  David Cross given Law Enforcement medal. Vance and Lester given medal for 15 years continuous membership. Tom Gann, Woody Gann and Fred Hutson received 35 year pin, all charter members.  Everheart gave Preston and Naranjo meritorious service medals.  Speaker Lucy Burris on American Legion Aux. supporting troops overseas. (23 present)

November 2008 - Allen Gann, Joe Allport and Burl Ivy newest members, also, Neal and Richard Murphy transferred to our chapter.Charlie Grumbles given Fire Safety medal. Neal ordered larger copies of Decl. of Independence. Speaker Duane Hedberg talked about importance of teaching history and methods used.  (32 present)

January 2009 - Applied for grant, Walmart. Jeff Corbett, Neal Naranjo, Lariena Nichols, Charlot Weeks & Debbie Newsom participated in Christmas parade (no pics). Neal purchased larger copies of Decl. of Indep, to make frames. Preston presented 25 year pin to Fred Jacobs who is currently 91 yrs old. Harry Taylor III and Bob Inselmann are new members. Speaker Daniel Rankin, "What's the Beef". (17 present)

March 2009 - Poster Contest winners recognized.  Burl Ivy, Tom Gann & Jeff Corbett presented with Certificate for helping in Annual State Mtg in Nacogdoches.  Speaker, Tom Lawrence, TXSSAR Pres., talked about youth contests, awards for Patriotism and Heroeism plus the new State Web Site.  34 Present.

May 2009 - J. Neal Naranjo II inducted as latest new member bringing total to 42.  Preston received Certificate and Medal from Athens Chapter for his participation in the Annual State Meeting. Speaker Tom Gann talked about the Battle of Kings Mountain.  (22 present)

July 2009 - First time to meet in July bringing total to 6 meetings a year. 8 members 10 guests.  Walmart turned down request for grant because of our offering a scholarship to Eagle Scouts.  Preston, Neal Naranjo, J. Neal II participated in a Flag Retirement Ceremony in Tyler, approx. 300 flags retired.  Preston also wore uniform and carried Amer. Flag in St Cyprians chuch procession on July 5 ( this has become a tradition now, did same in 2010, 11, 12). Speaker Daniel Rankin talked about the history of Texas before and after it became a Republic. Betty Preston awarded a Martha Washington medal for putting up with Fred.   Preston and Naranjo participated in Flag Day celebration in City Hall Lufkin. (18 present).

Sept 2009 - Naranjo reported he had frames now for the larger Declaration of Independence, just need to get them to the schools.  Bob Ham approved as new member, now 41 members. Presented Law Enforcement medal to Scott Marcotte. Speaker, Joe Allen Rice on Sam Houston's involvement in the Revolutionary War.

Nov 2009 - 7 members, 7 guests.  Presented slate of officers for 2010-2011.  Speaker was Carolyn Ericson on "Texas in 1776".

January 2010 - 7 members, 10 guests. Everheart inducted Harry Taylor III.  Everheart also inducted Officers for 2010-11, except Pres. Naranjo wasn't there so Preston presided.  Speaker, Tom Gann on Sam Houston's Early Years, 1806-1818.

March 2010 - 10 members 24 guests. Poster Contest winners recognized. Preston recvd plaque for Excelence in Leadership for Pres 2004 thru 2009. Speaker Bill Covington from Cedar Hills, talked about and displayed items used by common soldier.  He dressed like a fighting man also and had a long rifle.  He had a display at the Annual State Meeting in Nacogdoches.

May 2010 - 9 members, 17 guests. Bob Ham conducted the meeting.  Dillion Goodier presented check for $300 for the Eagle Scout competition.  Jim Bell accepted as new member..  Speaker was James T. Jones, TXSSAR President.  Talked about Faith of our Fathers and that they were Christians we we shouldn't be ashamed to say we are too.

Sept 2010 -  Dr. Phillips of Angelina College presented with a Good Citizenship Medal, Fire Safety medal to Robert Smith of Hudson Vol. Fire Dept., and two flag certificates to David McGill for both Post Offices.  Program was Ray Cox, "An Instrument of War".  Talked about and played the Flute which was used to communicate with the troops.

November 2010 - 7 members 4 guests.  Presented an EMS Award to Darlene Jones of Groveton.  Reported on our participation in the Veterans Parade and also Honor America Night.  Speaker, Dr. Jennings Neal Naranjo on  "Dinosaurs."

January 2011 - 8 members 15 guests. Newest member is Rev. Spitler but did not attend.  Jasmine Butler read her entry into the Knight Essay Contest.  Speaker was Frank Minton of Trinity Co..  Frank is a Humorist.

March 2011 - 6 members 20 guests.  Awarded Poster Contest winners, Battle of Cowpens.  Program was Dubby Perry, Magician.

May 2011 - 6 members  7 guests.  Bill Royle was reinstated.  Bill was a charter member but let his membership lapse some time ago.  Speaker Tom Gann, John Bowles, A Most Unusual Warrior 1756-1839.

July 2011 -  Preston wasn't present and no minutes.

September 2011 - 3 members 5 guests.  Bruce Marchand talked about the difference between a Charter School and a Public School.

November 2011 - 9 members 11 guests.  We did not participate in Veterans Parade or Honor American Night this year.  Preston did participate in a DAR meeting on November 1st.  Speaker William Marrs, TXSSAR President, talked about the Texas Website.

January 2012 - 6 members 6 guests.  Speaker Dyson Nickles talked about the Civil War and that it wasn't all about slavery, in fact none of the major leaders of the southern govenrment or army were slave holders.

April 2012 - 4 members 6 guests.  Ben Pyle talked about the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1933 to 1942.

November 2012 - 7 members 6 guests.  Chris Axelson attended and was presented with his membership certificate.  Speaker Dickie Dixon talked about a love affair between a British Officer and the daughter of a New York businessman during the Revolutionary War.

May 2013 - Bruce Marchand played Songs of the Revolutionary War.

Nov 2013 - Tom Gann talked about Stephen F. Austin.

Feb 2014  No program, Tom Gann's first Meeting.

April 2014 Joint SAR/SRT Meeting., Tom Gann gave a talk he called "Hurrah for Texas".

Sept 2014 Carolyn Ericson talked about Civil War Research

June 2015 - Ben Pyle talked about his ancestor.  Joint SAR/SRT Meeting with 27 members and guests present.

March 2016 - Mary Goodwin gave an overview of  DRT activities, mission and history. Joint SAR/SRT Meeting.

October 2017 - Tom Gann talked about Milton Irish.

May 2018 - Bill Sekel talked about the US Marine Corp history and involvement in the Revolutionary War

March 2019 - Linda Smelley talked about Thomas Jefferson's secret love life..

May 2021 -  Joint SAR/SRT Meeting, Tom Gann talked about the Bonner Family.

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