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Newsletter - July 2008

Lets look at our Chapter, Past, Present and Future. Do you realize that in the last 22 years the chapter has had only three presidents ? David Adams served twice and Woody Gann served twice and then Fred Preston. From 1996 to 1999 the chapter was inactive, no one to take the helm.

When Woody was president in 1999 to 2004, we met three times a year, Fred Jacobs was Vice President, Lester Sparks was Chaplain, Jeff Corbett was Treasurer and Tom Gann was Secretary.

Currently we are meeting 5 times a year, Neal Naranjo is VP, Jeff Corbett is Treasurer, Lester Sparks is Chaplain. Is this enough to keep things going ? Probably not. We need more members to participate but I for one don't plan to push so don't quit on me. I will outline jobs that should be covered in a separate Newsletter.

Time flies when you are having fun and I just realized this is my fifth year as president. Neal is ready to take over so more than likely I will step down in January. I am working on our chapter By Laws which is currently worded that the president will be elected for a 2 year term. He can then be re-elected for another 2 year term but must then step down for at least one 2 year term. I will have the By Laws ready by the end of July and will mail them out for your information. We will vote on them or make changes as necessary at the September meeting. Other than stating the term of office, they state the officers that we will have and we also need to make provisions for a second person to sign checks. Other than that they are pretty generic. When I step down, we will need a Vice President so start thinking about volunteering. Main job would be to come up with 5 programs a year for two years.

There is a Board of Managers meeting in Tyler on August 1, 2 and 3. Would be good for some of you to attend. If you can't attend all three days, try to make it for Saturday the 2nd. Think Neal plans to go but I can't. My wife has a knee replacement scheduled for the end of July. Let me know if interested and I'll provide more details.

We have had several activities since our May meeting. On Friday, May 23rd, Neal and myself in uniform and Fred Jacobs and Harold Newsom in suits and Neal Naranjo II in his drummers uniform, conducted a Flag Retirement Ceremony in front of Pineywoods Academy with the entire school watching. Went well but we only retired 3 flags and have collected at least 20 since then. On Friday, May 30th, Neal and I in uniform attended the Pineywoods Academy Awards ceremony in the auditorium. We issued Certificates of Appreciation to 35 of the 5th grade students for participating in the Poster Contest and ribbons to the three winners. The students came by one at a time and got their picture taken. On June 5th I went to Peltier Chevrolet and gave the General Manager, J.J. Weibe, a framed Flag Certificate. Someone was supposed to have attended our May meeting to receive this but they didn't. Lastly, on Sunday June 29th, I wore my uniform to the St. Cyprians Episcopal Church and carried the American Flag in their procession. Everyone was wearing red, white and blue and dressed informally. The procession had the cross bearer, two young girls with candles and then me with the flag and the second cross and then the minister. Used a strap to hold the flag and it was larger than the one we use at our meetings. At the front of the Church I turned to face the congregation and stood at attention while retired Lt. General Cotton Whiddon talked briefly about the Revolutionary War and then led the congregation in the pledge. After that I put the flag up, took off my tricorn and sat down. I mention the tricorn because there was some discussion about wearing it in Church. When carrying the American Flag a person in uniform is considered under arms and should be covered regardless of where they are. The service went well.

The chapter continues to grow. When I took over in January 2004 we had 24 members. We now have 35 and 10 prospects in various stages of their application. Aubrey Allen Gann's (from Ft. Worth) application and Bob Inselmann's application have been sent to National. Burl Ivy and Joe Allport (from Garrison) will be going to National soon. J. Neal Naranjo II just might be able to qualify if his dad gets on the stick. Others in process are Sam Griffin, Sr., Harry Albert Taylor III, Charles Young, Steve Reynolds and Jack Irish. This last group is still got a way to go, Jack Irish hasn't submitted anything yet but plans to, others need more documentation.

In September, we need to make every effort to get more schools involved with the Poster Contest. Lisa Lee, art teacher at Pineywoods, volunteered to talk to some teachers at St. Cyprian's Episcopal school and possibly Harmony Hill Baptist School. Any one who has connections at any of these schools or others, let me know and I'll see that you have the necessary information to get them started.

Also, it looks like Harry Fife, State President, was right about the monetary award for the Eagle Scout. I had a Scout Leader tell me that some of the Eagles had indicated they could pick up $100 a lot easier than the application for this scholarship. We will need a motion in September to offer $400 or $500 for first place and perhaps $200 for second place in order to get some Eagles to participate.

This leads me to something else that was discussed and I will need to address soon. Applications for Grants to help our funding and involve more students. I haven't started on the applications yet but I have started preparing an article for the newspaper entitled "What is the Sons of the American Revolution". Hope to get this printed in Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Diboll, Corrigan and Woodville papers. It may help in the application for funds/grants.



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