2808 S John Redditt Dr.
LUFKIN, TEXAS 75904-5602


President Tom H. Gann
Vice President Woody Gann
Secretary Fred Preston
Treasurer David Adams
Registrar Brandon Luther
Chaplain Bill Royle
Historian Bob Ham
Sgt. At Arms Thomas Anderson
Past President Neal Naranjo
District 10 Vice President Bill Sekel

Duties of the various offices.


His responsibility is to see that the goals and objectives set forth and defined by him, with the assistance of the Chapter Board of Managers, are achieved. (The Board of Managers are the other officers and the immediate past president.)

1st Vice-President

Serves as an understudy of the President and performs his duties in his absence. He acts as program chairman and introduces speakers at Chapter Meetings.

2nd Vice-President

Serves as the Awards Chairman. Can enlist help from other chapter members to find and award Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, EMS personnel, Eagle Scouts, 5th Grade Poster Contest and any other contestants and/or awards that are to be given.


The Secretary maintains the official records of the Chapter, advises State and/or National Headquarters respecting chapter membership, filing in the name of the Chapter, any and all required State and Federal Tax obligations.

The official records he is required to maintain include:


The Treasurer's responsibilities include collecting, safe keeping, depositing and disbursing all Chapter funds. The funds should be in a separate account, preferably with no service charges and set up with the TXSSAR Tax ID Number and IRS documents. It is preferred that at least two Chapter Officers signatures are on file with the bank.


The Registrar is responsible for assisting new applicants with their paper work to see that it conforms to NSSAR requirements. He must be sure the appropriate fee is attached. The Registrar would work closely with the Membership Chairman. He also works with the Secretary to assure that an accurate record of all new member and supplemental applications is maintained for the Chapter records. The Registrar and Secretary should also be fully informed on 'Perpetual Membership' information.


The Chaplain is responsible for the spiritual character of the Chapter. He gives the opening and closing prayers at each meeting. The Chaplain also keeps informed of those in the chapter who are ill or otherwise incapacitated and makes any acknowledgements to these members. See page on Chaplains


The function of the Genealogist, Registrar and Membership Chairman are very closely related.


The Historian shall maintain the Chapter Scrap Book

Sgt. at Arms

The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for all flags, chapter awards and signs of the chapter and to see that they are properly displayed at meetings. He also has care and custody of the Chapter's Charter and to see that it is available when needed by the Chapter. He would be the Chapter expert in handling and the display of the American Flag.

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