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Vol. 2  Issue 1

August 2006

In an effort to keep our members up to date during the summer months, check out this page.

The big news this summer is that we have three new members.   Thornton Savage recently moved from Nacogdoches and transferred from the Fredonia Chapter to our chapter.  Martin Netherland of Huntington was accepted on July 27th and Gary Wayne McClinton of Nacogdoches was also accepted on  July 27th.   We will present their certificates at the September meeting.  Another possible member has submitted their application and yet another has their application ready to submit.   In addition to these, I have the names of at least 3 more possible members.

We received a Col. J. M. Hill Membership Streamer for 100% renewal.   Does anyone know what we are supposed to do with these steamers.

Our Vice President, Ed Shelton, was taken to the emergency room on August 16th I believe.  He has pulmonary fibrosis and then developed pneumonia.   I visited on the 17th and he seemed to be doing better.  Because he has good days and bad days, he may not be able to attend many meetings so he agreed that I could look for another Vice President.  The main function of the Vice President is to line up speakers for our program and of course fill in for the President in his absence, which so far hasn't happened and I hope it doesn't.  I currently have programs lined up for September, November and January so the new VP would have until March 2007 to find another speaker.

On the subject of illness, Thornton Savage who recently moved to Pine Crest and transferred from the Fredonia Chapter to our chapter, has had respiratory problems.  I understand he also had a hip replacement recently and is going to have another operation around the end of the month.  Doesn't look like we will have him in attendance before the November meeting.

I have started the ball rolling on both the 5th Grade Poster contest and the Eagle Scout Recognition and Scholarship program.   I have contacted Dana Skinner at St Cyprians and Duane Hedberg at Pineywoods Academy (the only two schools participating last year).  I will contact Brookhollow elementary and would like someone to contact Hudson.  We need to stress the fact that the Posters can be done at home and the students can start at any time, they only need to be done exclusively by the student.  Subject this year is 'Yorktown' and the artistic part will be weighed more heavily than evidence of research.

I contacted Jeffrey Jones, District Executive, Tall Timbers, asking for a list of eligible Eagles. He tells me a Jeff Austin has already sent the information to all the Eagles.  Hope they know our contact information, will check with Jeff Austin.

I would like to get a volunteer to look into ROTC awards.  Don't know much about it except I think we contact the instructor at SFA and ask him/her to pick an outstanding student.   Then we invite him/her to our meeting and present a certificate and medal.

Some good programs coming up, be sure to be there.

September 21, 2006 our speaker will be Joe Martin (attorney) and the subject will be related to the Civil War.

November 16, 2006 our speaker will be Tom Green, TXSSAR President, and the subject will be the Historic US Flag and he will have 35 flags on 8 foot poles.

January 18th, 2007 our speaker will be Art Hall, member of the speakers bureau of the Athens Chapter, subject will be Revolutionary War in the South.

The November meeting will be held at Lufkin Bar B Q, the back room with the fireplace.  This will be much easier access for the speaker to set up his 35 flags of the United States. The room is larger and quieter.  I know most of our members prefer the food at Golden Corral but this is a one time thing.  I plan to invite the Fredonia Chapter and possibly both DAR Chapters.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the September meeting at the Golden Corral and please wear your Rosette.

Fred Preston, President

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